Monday, December 5, 2011

Jun Jin's fanmeeting at China!

Last December 3, Jinnie held his first ever fanmeeting after his discharged from military service. It was held at China's Shenzhen with full support of the Chinese fans who have longed to see him in person and done with military service.

Jun Jin projects a mature image during his fanmeeting and delivered a superb performance to his fans a midst all the cheers from his fans. He humbly thanked his fans for the overwhelming support that they've shown him against the long term of hiatus.

With the passionate cheers from his fans, he did 3 more encore and shed tears for no matter how long he has been on hiatus, the fans are still passionate and eager to see and meet him. The support from the fans just empowered his strength to continue on what his doing and held more fanmeetings as he can before becoming active as a SHINHWA member.

On the 10th of this month Jinnie is also scheduled to do his fanmeeting in Shanghai.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

what's new on kpop???

There's only one more left among the members who is serving his military duties, but none the less other members are currently busy with their individual activities before doing a comeback as a group.

For now, the recently released Andy and Jun Jin are currently doing their fanmeeting around asia. This is to thank their fans for their undying love and support that they have showed to them though they were not active on the big screen or the music industry.

The group is meeting each other most of the time for they are busy preparing for their comeback next year as a group as they have promised during their 10th anniversary concert.

Almost every Shinhwa fans or commonly known as Shinhwachangjo are greatly anticipating for the reunion and comeback of the group. March 2012, is just a few corners away...hope to see them perform live.. (crossing my fingers) ^-^

There are rumors spreading around that Super Junior is on the bridge of break-up due to their individual activities and with other's who are enlisted and are to enlist for military. 

The group denied the issue regarding the break-up of the group in one show and assured the fans that the group is intact.

Leeteuk commented that "the group are enjoying each others company and that they are playful. the only problem that they are encountering as a group is their expenses on food for they are many in the group. beside that everything is A okay with the group.

After his car accident last may, Daesung did a surprise come back with a drama entitled "What's Up." 

He played as the mysterious singer named Ha Dong Sung. He always wears a mask to hide his real identity, but one day a paparazzi exposed his identity to the public. In which lead him to retire from his singing career and pronounced that his career is dead.

He then went on to audition to get into the department of musical theater. He performed "this is the moment" and with that he impressed the professor.

Daesung caught the attention of the audience by performing perfectly his song and dance moves.

Daesung is a very talented person, so i hope everything will go well and this will make him move on from the bad experienced he had early this...loving him more! ^_^

They never stop capturing my attention with their dance moves, especially now with their new song "Be my Baby". They really knew how to capture the attention of the audiences. With nice rhythm and great dance moves is sure does makes it addictive.

Other may compare them with other girl groups most especially SNSD, but in my own opinion the Wonder Girls can truly get the attention of fans from different walks of life and make them love them for what they have to offer..

We'll looking forward for more from the group..

Monday, November 14, 2011

SHINHWA - about to complete

3 years had passed since they said goodbye to their fans for the meantime while complying their duty to their country. and now, one by one the members are completing their mandatory military service and are preparing for their comeback for next after the last member will be discharged from duty...

about last quarter of last year the first one to be done with his military service was Eric. he was very much welcomed by everyone who had missed him. upon his released he was immediately given a drama project which is poseidon, but unfortunately it didn't push through due to some problems. by then he embarked on another drama, which is spy myung wol. the drama didn't went on smoothly for they have encountered some problems during the early period of the drama. but luckily things turned out good and the drama was completed. though i heard that the ratings didn't do well, but still it gave us Shinhwa fans something to support and show Eric that he was well missed and we're anticipating for his return in dramas and of course as leadernim of Shinhwa.

not that long after Eric was discharged from military wannie was also discharged during the same year. it was greatly anticipated by fans aswell, he was welcomed with so much love and excitement. wannie embark on tv guesting and that made me feel that truly shinhwa is slowly preparing for their return..hehehe..with that he took a role in his first musical play as HEDWIG...others found it off at first, for they are not accustomed to watch wannie on plays and dress as a drag queen..yet, he was loved by his role. he was also supported by his fellow shinhwa members by secretly went on to watch his play. you can really feel the true friendship and brotherly feel from their acts..and much more, wannie was chosen to do a drama something that has to do with independence day if i'm not mistaken, and it was well taken by the public and a lot of viewers appreciate his acting and with that (if i'm not mistaken) he was invited for the busan international film something...hehehe...all i have to say is that everything went well for him after he was discharged from military service..and now he is busy as well helping the other member to prepare for their comeback.

after almost a year, the maknae of the group my bias was released..just recently Andy was released and he was well welcomed by his fans and by teen top...though the members were not there during his released then i know they're always there for him no matter what..hehehe..i know not much of the details about his release because i have been busy during those times...though he's my bias i don't know much  updates about him aside from him having been a guest in strong heart. i know not of the exact show date but the recording will be held on the 24th of  november if i'm not mistake...well, now that his out and ready to conquer the industry again..i'm looking forward on his future projects as a solo artist and as is the time that i'll really get to follow him/his activities...

few hours from now, jinnie will also be discharged from his military service...looking forward to that and hope he'll do trend as well...a sign that he is very much loved and we have been waiting for their return...gonna look forward on him on the coming days.... 

and now we're down to one person to wait until the group will be complete again...after 3 years of waiting the time has come for us SHINHWACHANGJO to prepare ourselves for their comeback...need a lot of savings to be able to attend their comeback concert..looking forward to that....

we'll be counting for months and then the SHINHWA fever will be back...can't wait for that day to for now, let's just enjoy the rest of the members while waiting for minwoo's released...

please do support the other members solo activities by visiting their official sites for their schedule...take care and god bless! Ciao! ^o^

Sunday, October 9, 2011

love your own..."zamboanga hermosa festival"

Philippines has many festivals to celebrate and one of them is the "Zamboanga Hermosa Festival".

Zamboanga City is located at the southern most part of Mindanao or the Zamboanga Peninsula. It is ranked as the 6th most populous city and the 3rd largest by land area in the Philippines.

The city was founded during the 12th and 13th century, and was ruled by the Spaniards which made the native dialect "Zamboangueno Chavacano". The city is also known as the "City of Flowers", but later on it was changed to as "Asia's Latin City".

The City has a lot to offer to tourists, no matter what culture they're from. During the month of October, the city celebrates there annual festival in honor of Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar known as the "Zamboanga Hermosa Festival or commonly known as Fiesta Pilar". It is also considered as one of the oldest festival in the Philippines.

Prior to the day of the celebration, activities are prepared like the Miss Zamboanga. Miss Zamboanga is a beauty contest open to young women and whoever wins the competition will be the face of City for that year..(that's what i understood...hehehe)...other competition is also the "Mascota Competition", this is where fashion designers competes there maskota's or others may know as the local clothing of the early zamboanguenos...also there's the popular vinta race, which is held early morning at the famous RT Lim can see how colorful the vintas of zamboanga are and this is also the one that represents Zamboanga among other city here in the Philippines. now, on the eve of the feast day, the street dance competition is held with participants from different schools and can experience the local music and the wonderful colors that the city provides...after so, a procession is held to honor Our Lady of the Pilar at it's shrine at Fort Pilar. The locals believe that the lady has served as the unifying culture and historical symbol.

street dancing

regatta race


street dancing

procession to the shrine

mascota competition


 miss zamboanga pageant

Aside from the events, you can also try the different delicacies the province offers. we are also known for our CURACHA (a kind of crab...hehehe)...and one of the sought out place to visit is Alavar Seafood  Restaurant. also, you can try satti...a spicy delicacy that's worth trying specially when your'e fond of spicy foods... and there are more to try...^_^



well, regardless of festivals the city has a lot to offer even on ordinary days. there are plenty of tourists spots that you can visit. these includes: Fort Pilar, The Metropolitan Cathedral Church, St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, The Zamboanga City Hall..these are some of the historical buildings in the province.

inside fort pilar/national museum

fort pilar shrine

 metropolitan cathedral

zamboanga city hall

aside from building we also have parks and other destinations that encourage local and tourist to visit the city. such as; Paseo del mar, Sta Cruz Island, Pasonanca Park, Jardin de Maria, Cawa-cawa or RT Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga Golf and Country Club, Plaza Pershing and many more...

 jardin maria clara lobregat

 maria clara lobregat monument

 jose rizal monument

 merloquet falls

 paseo del mar

 pasonanca pool

 dullian falls

 zamboanga golf and country club

golf beach

sta. cruz island 

rt lim boulevard

set aside those negativity and do visit and explore the place i call home "Zamboanga City"...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

next destination...

As to what I've read, traveling helps build out relationships. You tend to get closer and know much more of that person during the periods you explore something new...

Well, as what I've said from my previous blog that there are things you can explore and experience in your own country. so, for my second choice of destination would like to visit PALAWAN.

First and foremost, i haven't been to this place to but through some forums I've read one of the most sought out travel destination in the Philippines is PALAWAN. It's an island province located in the Visayas region (region IV) , with it's capital city Puerto Princesa.

The island has a lot to offer to locals and tourists as well. It is like the sanctuary of nature..The island offers beautiful beaches and scenery. There are also lots of tour packages that you can avail in the internet depending upon your budget.

i have read one of the package that some tour guides provide is the city tour. locations like the butterfly garden, the crocodile farm and many other more.. there's also the underground river tour..this is what i wanna experience also, and if i'm not mistaken it is part of the 7 wonders..correct me if i'm wrong.. and the other one is the honda bay tour.. i know not much of this packages but i've heard it's worthy.

if you just wanna explore the beaches and have some relaxations, there's a lot of beaches to choose from and from the photos i've seen so far they sure very captivating and enchanting..actually i'm not a beach bum, but with beaches such as el nido will truly make you love nature more and appreciate how wonderful and miraculous life is to have such wonders around us..

palawan has plenty to offer. no matter what part of the province you'll visit there's plenty to discover. i bet, one day i'll get to blog my own personal experience with regards to the till then... ^_^

Monday, September 26, 2011

where to go???

i guess exploring life entails you to explore the world as well..but i guess before going further away from your own country why not explore first the beauty that your own country serves for everyone...

first place i wanna go and explore is BOHOL...

Bohol is located somewhere in the middle part of the Visayas is the tenth largest island in the Philippines with a land area of 4117.3 square is surrounded with other islands, so Bohol itself doesn't experience much rain or bad weather as what other places in the Philippines is's like the other islands are shielding the ISLAND from typhoons and from little rain showers...

Bohol is often  referred to as the "Jewel of the Philippines" and it is where the famous Chocolate Hills located, which is by the way one of the natural wonders in the Philippines. they are hills made out of the leftover limestone and reefs during the ice age when the island was submerged.. the hills turned out to be colored brown during the summer season, which lead to the name chocolate hills..and it's just mainly green when it's raining..

the province is also very popular for locals and tourists because of their beaches and resorts. Panglao island is very popular for its diving locations which is listed as one of the ten famous diving spots in the world. the smallest creature is also located here, which are the tarsiers.

there are plenty of tourist spots to visit in Bohol and different packages to avail. there's the country side tour, the sea tour and eat danoa. there are a lot of tourist guide you can hire and tour packages you can avail to help you out during your trip in BOHOL.

as what i've read country side tours consist of about 12 sites and one of the site involved in this package is the chocolate hills and others are also looking forward to experience a lunch or dinner trip at the loboc river, where you explore the river for almost an hour if i'm not mistaken...the sea tour, as what i have read involves island hoping, snorkeling,dolphin watching and much more..while the other package which is the eat danao is very popular with their popular extreme adventure rides and activities...also you can experience fresh sea foods like crabs and others such as sea urchins...

i guess that's all i can share about bohol as of the moment..i haven't really been to Bohol so i know not much of what the city has to offer..but hoping to get the chance to visit the place next month..see you then... ^^

i am open to suggestions and opinions with regards to BOHOL... enjoy! ^_^