Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion trend on the go...

Spring is just around the corner, and we're off to look for some trendy looks and latest star fashion. Looking around, stars are combining 'sexy' and 'classic' look together by bringing it low with the hemlines.

The long A-line spring dresses are in-trend right now.

Some stars has already been spotted in this upcoming trend such as, Girls Generation Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, f(x)'s Sulli, Lee Hyori, Chae-Won, IU, Kim Min Hee, Park Shin-Hye, Lee Na-Young, Gong Hyo-Jin. Check kpop celebrity for more...

2AM's releases new mini album...

The long wait is over...After a year and a half hiatus from the music scenes, the group 2AM will finally make their comeback with a mini album. They'll be promoting their album with the title track "F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love". The group has just released their main track "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me". Check kpop celebrity for more...

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Return of SHINHWA...

What does this group have that really caught my eye???

There are no words that can express how happy and excited I am with the return of SHINHWA. Though I have only known of them just a few years ago, two years to be exact, they just really caught my attention and made me fall for them head over heels.

Firstly, the group have shown me how to treasure people that are important to you and learn how to take and accepts criticisms from other people such as their fans much more from fellow members. Check kpop celebrity for more...

Big Bang No. 1 on M! Countdown March 8, 2012

Tonight show was very exciting and full of powerful performances.

Aside from the regular or usual stage performances, some groups made their comeback performance like Nine Muses and C-Real with each performing their hit songs "Ticket" and "JOMAJOMA".

Another group made their comeback stage with "Don't Hurt" by Bohemian.

Furthermore, Performances were very much awaited by fans in particular to boy band Buskers Burkers of Superstar K, for they have just made their stage debut with the song "Makgulina" tonight. Check kpop celebrity for more...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Bang's Back!

After a sort period of rest from activities the group Big Bang did their comeback a few days ago and was welcomed whole heartily by fans.

Big Bang gave a gift to their awaiting fans with the release of "Blue" last week and the single received a "knock-out" response from fans. A wonderful gift/news to received on a leap day. Check  kpop celebrity for more

Miss A's Suzy and John Park to host M Countdown

Starting March 1, 2012 the new hosts for Mnet's MCountdown will be Miss A's SUzy and singer John Park.  “It’s such an honor to be able to host a show so loved by K-pop fans. I’m a little nervous but will give it my best,” said Park. Check kpop celebrity for more...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SHINHWA's Minwoo to be discharged from military service...

After such a long wait the final member of SHINHWA will be discharged from his military service tomorrow March 2, 2012. The much awaited comeback of the group has garnered more attention with the completion of the group. 

Minwoo's discharged will officially set Shinhwa's activity, starting of with their comeback press conference to be held on March 5 at 3pm, at CGV Cheongdam, Seoul. With Lee Minwoo completing his military duties, this will be SHINHWA's first official public post-discharge with all the members present. The conference will be streamed live online on 200 different countries. Check kpop celebrity for more...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SNSD leaves for the states

SNSD left Korea last January 30 for the States to promote themselves through talk shows and interviews.

The girls will be appearing on "The Late Night Show with David Letterman" for the first time as a Korean singing group. Also, they will appear on the ABC's popular talk show "Live with Kelly" and they will be performing their hit song from their new album "The Boys". The show will be aired on the 31st of January at 11:30pm and on February at 9:00am.

The producer of the show "The Late Night Show" says,  “We decided to cast SNSD for our show because we think that they are a very interesting and unique group. We are happy that they chose our show to help them debut in the United States.”

SNSD will also be giving out interviews with AP, one of the popular premier broadcast and media outlet in the States, as well with the popular entertainment news program Extra TV.

SNSD’s special American album The Boys, which was released on January 17, ranked second on the Billboard Latest Chart (February 4) and twenty second on Heatseekers Albums Chart.

Monday, January 30, 2012

SBS Inkigayo ranking January 29, 2012

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkygayo for January 29, 201
This week’s Mutizen Song : T-ARA “Lovey Dovey”
This week’s Take Seven :
#1. T-ARA : Lovey Dovey
#2. MBLAQ : This is War
#3. Rainbow Pixie : Hoi Hoi
#4.  Teen Top : Craze
#5. Lee Hyun : Because It’s You
#6. J-Cera : Love City
#7. SunnyHill : Grasshopper Song

Comeback Special :
#1. Dal Shabet : “Fire It UP”, “Hit U”
#2. Brian Joo : Let This Die

Hot Debut : B.A.P – “Burn It UP”, “Warrior”
Inkygayo Campaign Song : T-ARA – “Meat Song”
MC : Nicole, IU, Goo Hara
This week’s cats were Touch, Wink, J-Cera, Lee Hyun, Fat Cat, Nine Muses, NS Yoon G, Boyfriend, DalShaber, Rainbow Pixie, SunnyHill, Davich & T-ARA, B.A.P, Brian Joo, Teen Top, T-ARA and MBLAQ

Forgive me i'll be Teen Top bias...i guess they deserve their spot right now and hopefully by this coming week they'll be number 1..they're song is just addictive for me and their dance. hell yeah, they have really grown and improved a lot from clap to no more perfume and now crazy...
Hope to see more of Teen Top on music stage..Teen Top FIGHTING!

2NE1's MV "I am the Best" have reached 31million hits...

 It is normal for a k-pop music to stay on chart for one to two weeks. With regards to you tube it can be featured one to two days after its release. But leave it to 2NE1 to be extra ordinary.

29th of January the k-pop industry revealed that the video of 2NE1's "I am the Best" has just reached 31million views on YouTube even though the Music Video has been released during summer of last year. yet the video has received regular views from their fans and others. The song may have lost the Korean steams, but fans keep it alive by sharing it to social networks like facebook, twitter and other social media there is.

The girls are drawing much attention to it's global community not only in Korea and fans are anticipating for the group's US debut to happen anytime soon.

Yoou can check out their video on YouTube if you haven't got the chance to watch it yet.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brian Joo's comeback performance...

it's been awhile since we have last seen Brian Joo on the kpop scene. the last time i heard he was trying out his career in the states.. so after some wait he returns back to the lime light and made a comeback on MBC 'music core'...

Brian made a very impressive comeback performance with his new song "let this die", which he performed also on the stage on music core. the song is 'let this die' is just one of the song from his latest album "reborn' part 1"...he really gave a wonderful performance on the show and he did surely impressed a lot of fans...

so watch out for more of Brian Joo's music and his new look..i guess the 1st gen idols really do aged backwards... ^_^

Saturday, January 28, 2012

a new boy group has been born...

just on this day, a new boy group B.A.P has debuted on MBC 'music core'...The group is the first boy group of TS Entertainment and has finally unleashed their debut single "warrior"with a powerful performance on "music Core".

everyone was anticipating B.A.P. live performance after watching their music video which brings and aww to the fans with their intense/fierce look on the video.. but non the less, they didn't disappoint their fans and other audiences with their live performance. everyone was cheering and screaming for them..

many believe that the group have a long way to go to achieve something, but they see that the group will surprise the viewers with more of their performances.

K-pop comeback for 2012 on M Countdown...

there are a lot of groups that's gonna be doing their comeback performance on M Countdown. 

like for the all girl group 4 minute who will be doing their comeback around February..they have been on hiatus for quite awhile and now ready to conquer the stage again with their comeback.. just on the same month the ever famous BIG BANG will also do their comeback as a group. after their hiatus last year as a group due to some unwanted incident they are busy preparing for their comeback and ready to rock the stage again.

The most anticipating comeback ever is SHINHWA'S comeback on March after a 4 year hiatus due to members doing their military obligations to the country...the group has been very much busy preparing for their comeback performance since last year and are ready to set off the stage when the last member will be done with his military duties.

aside from those 3 groups, miryo and FT island is also preparing for their comeback performance on the show which will be sometime in april...

Hope that everyone will do their best and have a wonderful comeback most especially with SHINHWA.. :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

FT Island 2012 Concert!

Good news to all the fans of the popular korean band FT Island from Malaysia for they will be having a concert on the 14th January 2012 in Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur at 8:30pm. The concert is entitled “2012 Play! FT ISLAND Concert in Malaysia”, this is known to be their first solo concert and Malaysia is the 2nd leg of their concert tour and Malaysia is first of the asian countries they'll be visiting after their Japan concert.

The concert tour was conceptualized by the band member itself..they want that fans will be able to relate and interact with them during the said concert.

The Band is well known with their five members comprises by Lee Hong Gi - vocalist, Lee Jae Jin - bassist and vocalist, Choi Jong Hun - lead guitarist and keyboardist, Song Seung Hyun - guitarist and vocals, and their drummer Choi Min Hwan. 

FT Island is known for their charm and good looks, but not that just that. they're being adored because of their talents as well..

Looking forward for a successful and wonder concert ahead...FT Island FIGHTING!!!