Saturday, January 28, 2012

K-pop comeback for 2012 on M Countdown...

there are a lot of groups that's gonna be doing their comeback performance on M Countdown. 

like for the all girl group 4 minute who will be doing their comeback around February..they have been on hiatus for quite awhile and now ready to conquer the stage again with their comeback.. just on the same month the ever famous BIG BANG will also do their comeback as a group. after their hiatus last year as a group due to some unwanted incident they are busy preparing for their comeback and ready to rock the stage again.

The most anticipating comeback ever is SHINHWA'S comeback on March after a 4 year hiatus due to members doing their military obligations to the country...the group has been very much busy preparing for their comeback performance since last year and are ready to set off the stage when the last member will be done with his military duties.

aside from those 3 groups, miryo and FT island is also preparing for their comeback performance on the show which will be sometime in april...

Hope that everyone will do their best and have a wonderful comeback most especially with SHINHWA.. :D

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