Thursday, October 6, 2011

next destination...

As to what I've read, traveling helps build out relationships. You tend to get closer and know much more of that person during the periods you explore something new...

Well, as what I've said from my previous blog that there are things you can explore and experience in your own country. so, for my second choice of destination would like to visit PALAWAN.

First and foremost, i haven't been to this place to but through some forums I've read one of the most sought out travel destination in the Philippines is PALAWAN. It's an island province located in the Visayas region (region IV) , with it's capital city Puerto Princesa.

The island has a lot to offer to locals and tourists as well. It is like the sanctuary of nature..The island offers beautiful beaches and scenery. There are also lots of tour packages that you can avail in the internet depending upon your budget.

i have read one of the package that some tour guides provide is the city tour. locations like the butterfly garden, the crocodile farm and many other more.. there's also the underground river tour..this is what i wanna experience also, and if i'm not mistaken it is part of the 7 wonders..correct me if i'm wrong.. and the other one is the honda bay tour.. i know not much of this packages but i've heard it's worthy.

if you just wanna explore the beaches and have some relaxations, there's a lot of beaches to choose from and from the photos i've seen so far they sure very captivating and enchanting..actually i'm not a beach bum, but with beaches such as el nido will truly make you love nature more and appreciate how wonderful and miraculous life is to have such wonders around us..

palawan has plenty to offer. no matter what part of the province you'll visit there's plenty to discover. i bet, one day i'll get to blog my own personal experience with regards to the till then... ^_^

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