Monday, December 5, 2011

Jun Jin's fanmeeting at China!

Last December 3, Jinnie held his first ever fanmeeting after his discharged from military service. It was held at China's Shenzhen with full support of the Chinese fans who have longed to see him in person and done with military service.

Jun Jin projects a mature image during his fanmeeting and delivered a superb performance to his fans a midst all the cheers from his fans. He humbly thanked his fans for the overwhelming support that they've shown him against the long term of hiatus.

With the passionate cheers from his fans, he did 3 more encore and shed tears for no matter how long he has been on hiatus, the fans are still passionate and eager to see and meet him. The support from the fans just empowered his strength to continue on what his doing and held more fanmeetings as he can before becoming active as a SHINHWA member.

On the 10th of this month Jinnie is also scheduled to do his fanmeeting in Shanghai.

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