Sunday, December 4, 2011

what's new on kpop???

There's only one more left among the members who is serving his military duties, but none the less other members are currently busy with their individual activities before doing a comeback as a group.

For now, the recently released Andy and Jun Jin are currently doing their fanmeeting around asia. This is to thank their fans for their undying love and support that they have showed to them though they were not active on the big screen or the music industry.

The group is meeting each other most of the time for they are busy preparing for their comeback next year as a group as they have promised during their 10th anniversary concert.

Almost every Shinhwa fans or commonly known as Shinhwachangjo are greatly anticipating for the reunion and comeback of the group. March 2012, is just a few corners away...hope to see them perform live.. (crossing my fingers) ^-^

There are rumors spreading around that Super Junior is on the bridge of break-up due to their individual activities and with other's who are enlisted and are to enlist for military. 

The group denied the issue regarding the break-up of the group in one show and assured the fans that the group is intact.

Leeteuk commented that "the group are enjoying each others company and that they are playful. the only problem that they are encountering as a group is their expenses on food for they are many in the group. beside that everything is A okay with the group.

After his car accident last may, Daesung did a surprise come back with a drama entitled "What's Up." 

He played as the mysterious singer named Ha Dong Sung. He always wears a mask to hide his real identity, but one day a paparazzi exposed his identity to the public. In which lead him to retire from his singing career and pronounced that his career is dead.

He then went on to audition to get into the department of musical theater. He performed "this is the moment" and with that he impressed the professor.

Daesung caught the attention of the audience by performing perfectly his song and dance moves.

Daesung is a very talented person, so i hope everything will go well and this will make him move on from the bad experienced he had early this...loving him more! ^_^

They never stop capturing my attention with their dance moves, especially now with their new song "Be my Baby". They really knew how to capture the attention of the audiences. With nice rhythm and great dance moves is sure does makes it addictive.

Other may compare them with other girl groups most especially SNSD, but in my own opinion the Wonder Girls can truly get the attention of fans from different walks of life and make them love them for what they have to offer..

We'll looking forward for more from the group..

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