Sunday, August 21, 2011


when is the right timing???i often ask myself when will be right time for me settle down...i guess when i'll get to meet the man that's meant for me, the one that is destined to stick with me no matter what...after the long wait and  with God's grace i have found the man 13yrs ago...yeah, our relationship has been growing for that long and yet we're not yet be honest i'm not that in a hurry to get married before, but i just realized that i cant stand leaving without this person by my side. i know he's always there to support me on the things i do in life but i want him to be mine and mine that no one can take him away from me...i may sound selfish, but i guess being in-love with the person who loved you unconditionally will make you think of not wanting to be with him every moment of your life..with that i have decided to embark on the road of marriage and starting to prepare myself to stand on my own with my partner in life and with the family were gonna have..

hope everything will go as planned...FIGHTING!!!! :)

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