Friday, August 12, 2011


it all started when a friend told me she's having a blast watching a korean variety show which is first i didn't put much attention on to the show, i find it kinda weird but funny..later on on i find interest with one of the the stars, which is Andy..

the show had gained my interest and i was then i eventually noticed Andy, since then i wanna learn more about him. and that's the time where i learned about SHINHWA..i may have heard of them before coz i love to watch arrirang, but never got the time to really listen and know them..i started searching data about Shinhwa and the individual members..the truth is i didn't really like them when they where featured at WGM...but watching some of their videos made me appreciate them...eventually without even knowing i fell head over heels in-love with the group...much more when i read some forums..the struggles that they went through as a group and individually..

what really made me admire them more is their relationship with one another..they're more than a member of a group they're like brothers/family...they have been through ups and downs together holding onto each other tightly, protecting and helping one another..i guess that what made them who they are now and that's why i love them...

they may have been on hiatus for more than 3 yrs now, but the long wait is over for they are having their comeback next year and some forums has been talking about it...especially now that they have established Shinhwa company...sure will see a lot of shinhwa by next year as they've, i'll be waiting for Shinhwa's comeback and hope i'll manage to attend their concert..i'm crossing my fingers..SHINHWA FIGHTING!!!!

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