Sunday, August 28, 2011

waiting for the right one...a reaction to Shinhwa's (Eric, Dongwan) mention of marriage..!!

there are times that we really wanna find the right person, settle down and start a family on our own...but how can someone start to do so if he's been busy with work and time isn't really his friend as of the moment...

i myself have been busy lately with stuff going on with my life but still managed to get updated on what's going on with my fave kpop group Shinhwa...

i've just read from absolutshinhwa and about Wannie's intentions on getting married after 2-3 years's a good news indeed, but, "BUT" my biggest question is "Has he really found the girl he wants to be with or his still on search???"..there's a lot of questions and speculations that sinks into my brain with no proper justification..but all i know that he is ready to get into a serious relationship..i heard he lowered down his expectations and his more on the personality type right now...correct me if i'm wrong...hope his open to getting involved with non-korean women..just my thoughts... :D

with regards to Eric, i guess he's also ready to fall in-love now and eventually settle down, but i find him  to be picky at times..please don't get me wrong guyz, it just my honest opinion...i love and admire leadernim so much, but it just looks like its hard to please him...i know i am wrong with these assumptions for i know nothing of him personally..even though i have these thoughts of him i still do see him as a lover boy, a good man and will be a good husband and father to his future a matter of fact i've also read his tweet and kind of happy and glad to hear that he's open to cross racial marriage..with this note i admire for lips are sealed and my heart flutters..hahaha...

as of the other members of the group, they have't made their opinions about marriage or it's just that i'm just not updated...but what the heck, i guess each of the members are on their right age of marriage and are entitled to their own personal happiness..may it be now or the near future i'll always be on the watch to support each one of them on whatever decision they have for the future...and hopefully they'll found the right one for them.

well, for now i'm looking forward to Andy's and Jinnie's discharge from military service and waiting for the last member to be discharged (Minwoo) for their comeback...SHINHWA FIGHTING!!! :D

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