Thursday, September 22, 2011


wooo...i now believe that little things can make a lot of difference and can make someone's bad day, end it up to be a good day..hahaha... well, no matter how hard i wanna try to hide my happiness but i can't. it simply shows. ohhh wow..i don't know it's like you were trying to reach out for something or someone so long that you try every way for that to acquire. i may not have acquired it for myself but just the thought of having been acknowledged is already something to be proud of...hahaha

crazy as it may seem, but i'm surely in heaven right now... there are just things in life that's free, and with that its unconditional. as a matter of fact i do not know what i'm blabbering here but i just can't stop from smiling and burst out in laughter.. (i guess i'm truly crazy..hahaha) 

waaaaaa....i just really can't believe it...i just wanna thank you for doing that simple gesture that i myself didn't expect would no matter what happens tomorrow, i'll always remember the simple gesture you have showed me.. god bless and i guess you know who you are??

FIGHTING hard!!! ^_^

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