Thursday, September 22, 2011


how much time do we have left??? silly questions always comes and go on my mind now a days. i don't know why, but at times i just feel stupid and crazy imagining things would be like this and that. not really minding what's in front of me at times..

i feel time flies so fast, yet i still got a lot of things undone and there's no way of turning things back. i manage to do stuff that i like before but i do not know what i wanna achieve now that can be done at the moment. things have been different lately and i can say i do enjoy what i do. but, besides that i wanna do more and achieve more than what i have right now. unfortunately, time isn't my best friend lately..hahaha.. 

the feeling of wanting to do things and explore life at the moment but you don't have much time to do so is kinda frustrating. well guess what, luck turned towards me and i'll be able to have a quality time with the one i love. this may be the first time we'll be together and that gives me smile just thinking i'll get to know him more during that time...

guess right timing will come when you least expect it... ^_^

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