Saturday, September 17, 2011

what to choose???

this is really my problem, i have difficulties in decision making...i don't know if it's normal or what but definitely not a good trait to acquire...

i am left to decide on which cam should i buy at the moment...should i prefer the dslr with much nicer features or just go with cybershot coz its more cheaper....waaaa, it's really driving me crazy...i am trying to weight things at the moment before finally deciding on what to choose..

after thorough discussion with myself (sounds like i'm crazy...hahaha) i decided to on with cybershot...and with that i thought everything was ok then, but i was definitely wrong again...i have to decide now which model should i can i go through like this, having indecisive mind..huhuhu...

still got few more weeks to decide on what should i really get...hope i'll end up with a nice choice...if anyone has suggestion feel free to do so...need guidance with this..hahaha.. ^_^ 

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